How to Configure HP Laptop Headphones That Are Not Working

By Robert Ceville

You can configure your HP laptop headphones port in the Control Panel.
i headphones image by Daniel Wiedemann from

When you are experiencing a problem getting audio to come through your Hewlett-Packard laptop's headphone jack, you probably only need to configure the device in the Control Panel. Lots of times, accidental changes are made by mistake, or other devices become attached, disabling the headphones. If you have never had to configure your HP laptop headphones before, don't stress over it. HP has made adjusting the settings for the internal sound card simple.

Go to "Start," then select "Control Panel." The Control Panel is where you make custom settings to your HP devices and their functionality, and even add or remove programs.

Click "Hardware and Sound," then select "Sound."

Click on the "Internal Headphone/Speaker" device, then click "Configure."

Choose the type of setup that you wish to use, then click "Test."

Click "Properties." There you will find four different tabs for editing the functionality and configuration of your HP laptop headphones. The four different tabs are "General," "Levels," "Enhancements" and "Advanced."

Click "Enable this Device" on the "General" tab, in the "Device Usage" box. This will restore functionality of the headphones, if it has been disabled.

Click the "Levels" tab to go to the volume settings for the headphones.

Move the volume slider all the way to the right on "Internal Headphones/Speaker." This will ensure that audio levels are being fed through the headphones jack once it has been enabled. The rest of the configuration process is a matter of taste.