How to Configure an HP 6800 Printer for Wireless Printing

by Meaghan Ellis

The HP DeskJet 6800 is a series of printing hardware created by the Hewlett Packard manufacturer. This printer comes equipped with several amenities that enable users to stay up to date with the constant evolution of the technological world and the electronic devices in it. Configuring an HP 6800 printer for wireless printing is also an exceptional necessity that is feasible to use with this printing device.

Install the HP DeskJet 6800 printer's wireless software driver (see link in Resources). Follow the prompts listed in the driver's software Installation Wizard to complete the full installation process. Insert your HP DeskJet 6800 USB Flash Drive into your computer's 2.0 USB port outlet when the Installation Wizard prompts you to.

Open your computer's Control Panel. When it opens, click the "Network and Internet" option and select "Add a Device to the Network." The HP DeskJet 6800 printer's USB Flash Drive should be visible in the network dialog window. Click on the device to locate its present wireless network settings.

When the network settings appear, click the "Wi-Fi Protected Access" option. Create an encryption code in the blank data form provided. This will give you the ability to monitor the access portal to your wireless connection.


  • check Make sure the printer is on the same wireless network as the other devices it is supposed to be compatible with. If it is not, there is a strong possibility that your wireless connection may never be configured properly. It is always wise to configure your wireless connection on a Wi-Fi network. This ensures the privacy and security of your network and its other possible users.


  • close Do not pause or abort the installation process once you have started it. Allow the installation process to complete in its entirety to ensure all the printer's configurations and components have been installed and are functioning properly. Always keep record of your encryption code. The encryption code serves as a password for your wireless connection. If you lose this code, you will have to uninstall the printer and re-install it to change the present encryption code.

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