How to Configure GPRS & WAP Settings in AT&T

by Kenyonda Bradley

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is the method in which mobile data is transferred over your wireless provider's network. Essentially, it allows you to make and receive text messages and phone calls from your mobile phone. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) allows you to access the Internet from an Internet-capable mobile phone. Both services are provided through AT&T and often need configuring before you can use the features. Configuring both of these services is relatively easy and can be done directly from your handset.


Press the "Menu" button on your mobile phone and select the "Settings" option.


Locate and select the "Connection" option. Select "Advanced," followed by "Select Network." Select "My ISP" and then click "Edit." Verify that "Cingular GPRS" or "AT&T GPRS" is in the MediaNet name field and press "Next." Enter "wap.cingular" into the Service Provider's name slot, if Cingular GPRS was in the ISP name field. If not, enter "isp.cingular" into the field.


Press "Next" and enter "CINGULAR1" into the password field. Leave the password field blank if "AT&T GPRS" was in the My ISP field.


Leave the Domain field blank and tap the "Proxy settings" tab. Place a check in the boxes labeled "This network connects to the Internet" and "This network uses a proxy server." Enter "" into the Proxy server field. Tap "Advanced" and then tap "HTTP."


Select "Port: 80" and select "OK." Press "Socks" and locate the "Server" section. Select "Local host" for this section. Enter "1080" as the port.


Press "OK" and "Finish" to complete the configuration for your AT&T GPRS and WAP services. Attempt to access the Internet or send a text message to verify that your features are working properly.


  • check If you are still unable to access the Internet or send and receive text messages from your phone, contact AT&T; at 1-800-331-0500 to speak with a representative for additional help.

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