How to Configure a Toshiba Estudio Printer for Network Printing

by Kyle McBride

Toshiba Corp. manufactures and markets mid-range, multi-function office machines under the eStudio line, which can be connected to your network and used as network printers. These 20 to 45 copy-per-minute machines have on-board computer network functionality and can be configured similar to a PC. The machines are assigned a dynamic IP addressing or set with a static IP address, depending on what your network requires. In additon to TCP/IP addressing (IPv4 and IPv6), the eStudio can also be configured for Netware and Appletalk.

Step 1

Press the "User Functions" button on the upper left area of the control panel.

Step 2

Touch the "Admin" button on the touch-screen.

Step 3

Enter the administrator password on the QWERTY keyboard on the touch-screen, then touch "Enter."

Step 4

Touch the "Network" button on the touch-screen.

Step 5

Press the "IPv4" button on the touch-screen. Set the appropriate address mode--Dynamic or Static. Enter the IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway address, if using Static. Touch the "Enter" button.

Step 6

Touch the "Apply Now" button on the touch-screen. The machine will display "Network Initializing" while the network interface card initializes.

Press the "Function Clear" button on the control panel to return to the default display.


  • If the administrator's password has not been set prior, the default password from the factory is "123456" or "12345," depending on your model of eStudio machine.
  • For Netware and Appletalk, touch the appropriate selection in Step 5 instead of IPv4, then input the required network configuration for your network.

Items you will need

  • Administrator password

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