How to Configure Jetdirect EIO for an HP LaserJet 4000

By Brad Maddy

The HP LaserJet 4000 printer can be connected to your office network if you have a network card installed in the EIO slot at the rear of the printer. You can configure the printer’s network settings using the JetAdmin software, or directly at the printer control panel. Use the printer keypad to scroll through the printer menus and enter the network settings manually if you know the IP address and other settings.

Step 1

Power on the printer and wait for it to boot up. The printer will be ready for configuration once it reads “Ready” on the display panel.

Step 2

Press the “Menu” key several times until the display reads “HP EIO 1 (or 2).” The EIO number depends on the slot to which the network card is connected.

Step 3

Press the “Item” key until “CFG Network = No” appears on the display. Press the “Value” key to change the display to “CFG Network = Yes” and press the “Select” button to confirm.

Step 4

Press the “Item” key until the display shows “BootP = Yes.” Press the “Value” button to change the display to “BootP = No” and press the “Select” button. If your printer is equipped with a 610N network card, the display will read “DHCP=Yes.” If so, press the “Value” key to change it to “DHCP=No” and press the “Select” key. Now you will be in the TCP/IP menu, where you can configure the IP address and other settings.

Step 5

Press the “Item” key until the display reads “IP Byte 1 = (value).” Change the value by using the “ – Value” or the “+ Value” keys and confirm by pressing the “Select” button. Continue to enter the four digits of the IP address, Subnet Mask, Syslog server IP address and the Default Gateway. Change the values by using the “Value” keys and confirm your entry by pressing “Select.”

Step 6

Press the green “Online” button to exit the menus and bring the printer online. Test the printer by printing a test page. You can print a configuration page and view the network settings on the test sheet to make sure that the printer settings are configured properly.