How to Configure Digi 002 to Ableton

By Mark Rutkowski

The Digidesign Digi 002 is a rack-mounted audio interface for recording audio and MIDI. The Digi 002 runs on FireWire cable to deliver the fastest data transfer rates between the interface and the computer. While bundled with Pro Tools, the Digi 002 can also be used in other audio applications, such as Ableton Live. This allows you to pair the Digi 002 audio interface with the software of Ableton so you can use Ableton's instruments, effects and workflow with Digidesign hardware.

Step 1

Connect the Digi 002 to the computer with its FireWire cable. If this is the first time connecting the device, it will automatically install all required drivers.

Step 2

Open Ableton Live when the device is ready for use and select any desired project file. If no tracks are present, create a track.

Step 3

Route inputs and outputs in the track mixer window. To use the Digi 002 as an audio interface, select "External In" under the "Audio From" option in the mixing window under the track. Select "External Out" to use the Digi 002 for output. The channels listed in the Ableton mixer interface will correspond to available channels on the Digi 002.