Computer Sleep Mode Troubleshooting

by Michael Morris

Sleep mode is a program that is designed to simulate a shut down when there is no activity on your computer for a given length of time. The computer does not actually shutdown, it goes into a "sleep mode" to save energy. Unfortunately, if you are running a program in the background, such as a download, or if you are encoding a video or piece of audio, this process can interrupt that.

Operating System Sleep Mode

There are two types of sleep mode. The first type of sleep mode is the operating system sleep mode. To set this type of program in Windows, open the Control Panel, and find "Power Options." In the Power Schemes tab, there will be options for when to turn off your monitor, hard drive and when to go on system standby. Choose the options that will work best for you. For Macintosh, this option is called "Energy Saver" and is similar to Power Options in Windows.

Switching Modes Frequently

If you are a user who will need to switch your sleep mode settings, you can create a short cut in one simple step. Open up your Control Panel and find "Power Options." Make the Control Panel window small enough so that you can see the Desktop. Drag the Power Options icon onto the Desktop. This creates a short cut to allow you to access these options quickly.

BIOS Sleep Mode

Some BIOS programs (the programs located on the motherboard) have sleep mode built into them. It is not recommended to use this option, however, unless you are an advanced user. If, for some reason, it is turned on, you can choose the option "Restore Default," and this will restore the factory settings back to the program.

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