How to Get a Computer to Recognize a Sony Memory Stick

by C. Taylor
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Sony Memory Sticks come in a variety of form factors, but each operates the same on your computer. To read the Memory Stick, you need a reader or an adapter that's capable of recognizing your Memory Stick. If you have one of these, but the memory card isn't recognized, the most likely cause is improper alignment or dirty contacts, but sometimes corrupt drivers can cause the problem.

Step 1

Remove the Sony Memory stick from your computer and wipe the metallic contacts clean using a lint-free cloth.

Step 2

Look in your card reader's manual or specifications to check compatibility with your type of Sony Memory Stick. If the reader doesn't support your Memory Stick, purchase a USB card reader that does read the card, or get an adapter that converts the Memory Stick to a readable format. As an example, a Memory Stick Micro can be converted into a Memory Stick Duo by sliding it into an appropriate adapter.

Step 3

Insert the Memory Stick into your card reader. If you're unsure of the card's orientation, check the card reader's manual. The orientation may change depending on the type of card reader you have.

Step 4

Click the Start button, type "device manager" in the search field, and press "Enter." Look for a yellow exclamation point under "Universal Serial Bus Controller." If you see one, right-click the entry, select "Uninstall," and then restart your computer. The driver automatically reinstalls.

Press "Win-E" to open Windows Explorer and look for your Memory Stick in the Removable Storage section.


  • If your Memory Stick was reformatted into a format unreadable by Windows 7, the card will be recognized but not readable. If this is the case, Windows prompts you to format the card. If you don't have data on the card, click "Format" to format the card. However, if you have important data on the drive, back it up using the same type of system used to format the drive, such a Mac or Linux computer.


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