How to Get a Computer to Play a Bluetooth Stereo

by Richard Bonilla

Bluetooth stereos allow users to play music from a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a phone, MP3 player or even a computer. Playing music from a computer to a Bluetooth stereo allows users to play their favorite music from a computer and onto a stereo without having to add the music onto a phone or MP3 player. Most modern computers include a built-in Bluetooth adapter to find and operate Bluetooth enabled devices.

Step 1

Turn on the [Bluetooth]( stereo. Ensure that the stereo is set to "Discoverable." Check your Bluetooth stereo's instructions for determining how to set the device to "Discoverable."

Step 2

Click "Start" on the computer's menu.

Step 3

Select "Control Panel." Click on "Hardware and Sounds."

Step 4

Click on "Bluetooth devices." Allow the computer to find the Bluetooth Stereo.

Step 5

Select your Bluetooth stereo and click on "Add." Follow the on-screen instructions to finish adding and installing the device.

Select a sound to play from the computer onto the stereo.


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