My Computer Will Not Connect to an HP Printer

by Mikhail Polenin

Your HP printer communicates with your computer through a USB cable that feeds data to the printer on what images to print. When the computer fails to recognize the printer, you might have an issue with the printer's peripheral operating software, or a hardware issue corresponding to printer itself or its drivers. Use the process of elimination to examine all of the issues that might be causing your printer to have problems.

Push in completely the printer power cable's ends into the printer and a power outlet. Both ends of the cable must go all the way inside their sockets. If that doesn't correct any problems, connect your printer to another power outlet. Something might have gone wrong with the original power outlet. If your printer has a panel on the back, check that the knob is in the locked position to the right hand side.

Click the "Start" button on your computer and click "Printers and Faxes" or "Devices and Printers." Right-click your HP printer and click "Set as default printer." Double-click your printer icon and go to the "Printer" menu. Remove the check mark next to "Pause Printing" if you see a check mark there.

Open your printer's front panel and expose the ink cartridges. Push them in more completely and see if it prints. If it still doesn't print, take out the cartridges and check for some plastic or adhesive around them. Remove any adhesives or plastics you find around the contacts and replace the cartridges into the printer.

Push the ends of your printer's USB cable completely inside of its respective inputs. Make sure the cable sits fully inside its USB port.

Disconnect the printer. Place the printer installation CD in your computer's optical drive and install the software again. Follow the prompts and re-connect the printer at the proper point. The application will detect the printer and properly install drivers. Do not rely on Windows for driver installations.

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