How to Find Computer Jobs at Home for Free

by Mana Thompson

Many people are looking for computer jobs at home for free on the Internet. The problem is that most people don't know where to look. There are some sites that charge the user a fee to see job posts. Other sites claim to be free but only release part of the information for the computer job. There are also sites that are misleading, associated with scams or simply have empty promises. Search for the right topics and research each site before signing up for anything or making any commitments. There are good sites out there that post computer jobs at home for free and they can easily be found in just a few steps when the right keywords are entered while searching.

Open a few tabs in your browser. On the first tab, choose a career site such as Genuine Jobs, USA Jobs or (see Resources). On the second tab, go to a search engine site such as Google, Yahoo or

Click on the job listings once the chosen site is up on the first tab. If the site has a listing by categories and sub categories, select the "Computer" category, then open the "Sub-categories" under the "Computer" category and locate the specific type of computer job that is desired. Click on the desired sub-category. A list of open positions or job posts within the desired sub-category will then appear. Review the various job posts and click on a specific post to view the job description and other details.

Check the job title, duties, qualifications and requirements of the job and confirm that it is a telecommuting or work-from-home position once the full job post appears.

On the second tab in the browser window that has the search engine page ready type the name of the company that is offering the job in the "keyword" or "search" box. Click on the company's homepage for its website. Confirm that the position is in fact being offered by this company and is still available.

Repeat these 4 steps for each job post and apply for as many positions as desired.


  • check Always do a search of the company name that is posting the job along with the words, "review," "scam" or "complaint" to make sure that it is a legitimate job offer and to get an idea of their history with other employees and or job applicants. There are many sites that allow a person to do unlimited job post searches and applications for free rather than paying a subscription fee or any other costs. If a site charges for information, additional information or to apply for a job, try to see if the post has the name of the company and apply directly through that company's website.

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