Why Is My Computer Booting Up Too Slow?

by Gregory Hamel

Computer booting speed or startup speed is the time it takes for a computer to become usable after you turn it on. Slow boot speeds can be caused by many different hardware and software issues.


A computer's hardware resources, such as random access memory (RAM), the central processing unit and the hard drive, can affect startup speed. If system RAM is low or the hard drive is slow or contains disk errors, it can take longer to boot the operating system and start up applications.


Slow booting can be caused by attempting to launch too many software applications at startup. The more programs that are set to launch upon startup, the longer the boot process will take and the fewer system resources you will have available after booting.


Shut off unnecessary startup programs. Click "Start," type "msconfig" into the search box, press "Enter," click the "Startup" tab and then uncheck the boxes next to unnecessary programs and click "Apply."

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