How to Link Your Computer to Another to Fix it

By Steve Gregory

If a friend or colleague's computer is having problems, you can link your computer to theirs to fix it. This can be done by using the Remote Desktop Connection application in the Windows operating system. This software lets you connect to another computer and access all of its files, folders and programs. You also can navigate the system, letting you diagnose and fix problems on the other computer without being at its physical location.

Enable Remote Desktop Connection on The Computer You Want to Connect To

Click "Start," then "Control Panel." Select "System and Maintenance" or "System and Security" from the list of options. Click "System," then click "Remote settings" in the left-side of the window.

Select the check box next to "Allow this computer to be controlled remotely" under "Remote Desktop." Enter an administrator password if prompted by the system. Click "Select Users." The "Remote Desktop Users" dialog window will open. Click the "Add" button. The "Select Users or Groups" dialog window will open. If your user account is an administrator account, it will be added to the remote users list automatically.

Type the name of the user you want to add in the "Enter the objects names to select" box in the "Select Users or Groups" dialog window. The name entered will be allowed to connect to this computer.

Connect to the Computer You Want to Fix

Click "Start," then "All Programs." Select "Accessories."

Click "Remote Desktop Connection." The "Remote Desktop Connection" dialog window will open.

Type the name of the computer you want to connect to in the "Computer" box. Alternatively, you can type the IP address of the computer instead of the name. Click the "Connect" button. You can now navigate system of the other computer to locate and fix problems.