How to Compress SWF Files

By Greyson Ferguson

Shrink down the size of your Internet computer file.
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A .swf file, short for shockwave flash, is a streaming video format used primarily on the Internet. If you have a .swf file and want to upload the content to the Internet, but have found the file is too large to upload directly to the Internet, the file information may need to be compressed. This will require the flash program originally used to create the streaming shockwave flash file.

Step 1

Launch the shockwave flash video file you used to create the .swf file. This is typically an Adobe Flash program (Adobe created the flash video format).

Step 2

Click "File," "Open" and choose the .swf file you want to compress. Wait for the video file to load onto the screen.

Step 3

Select "File," "Save As" and wait for the save window to load onto the screen.

Step 4

Title the video file and select a location to save the file to. Choose ".swf" as the export format, then choose "Advanced." A new window appears with additional save options for the video file.

Step 5

Choose the resolution size and reduce it from its current setting. Perform this same task with the audio bit rate (it is more than likely currently at 44.1). Reducing both of these compresses the overall file size of the .swf file.

Step 6

Select "Apply," then "OK" to export the finished video file.