How to Compress an AVCHD File

by Matthew Burley

Attempting to fit a large file on storage media with a finite amount of space, such as a blank disc or a memory card, can be frustrating if the file is slightly larger than the amount of space available to you. Large video files, such as AVCHD files, can take up a lot of room on your storage media and your hard drive, even to the point of preventing you from storing other files. However, you can compress these files and make room for some additional storage space.

Step 1

Browse to the location of your AVCHD file.

Step 2

Right-click the file and click "Send To" from the context menu.

Click the "Compressed (Zipped) Folder" option. This generates a file of the same name in the same location, except this file has the file extension ".zip." You can move or delete the original, uncompressed file to save space, as a duplicate copy of the file is contained within the compressed folder.


  • You may be able to achieve a higher level of compression by using a third-party zipping utility such as 7zip, Winzip or Bitzipper.


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