How to Completely Remove ATI Drivers

by Maxwell Payne

ATI drivers are software drivers that allow ATI-Radeon (made by AMD) video cards to function properly on a computer. Removing the ATI drivers is done when installing a new video card that requires different drivers.

It is important to remove old or no longer needed video card drivers from a computer so that the computer does not attempt to use old drivers to operate the new video card.

Removing ATI Drivers

Select the Start Menu on the PC containing the ATI drivers. Go into the Control Panel and select "Add/Remove Programs."

Locate the ATI drivers listed in the available programs that can be removed. Locate the ATI Display Driver and the ATI Catalyst Control and select those for removal. Select "Remove programs."

Restart the computer. It is recommended that you restart the computer in Safe Mode by pushing F8 multiple times as the computer starts up.

If you are installing a new video card, keep the computer off and install the new card. If you are simply updating ATI drivers, insert the driver disk when the computer has restarted.

Upon the restart, skip the "found new hardware" prompt that may pop up. Install the drivers for the new video card or your updated ATI drivers.

Troubleshoot ATI Driver Removal

Visit the ATI website (see References below) and select the video driver for which you are attempting to remove the drivers. Do this step if upon a restart the computer still recognizes the old video card; otherwise the new drivers will not install properly .

Locate the ATI Driver Uninstall application for the specific video card for which you are removing the drivers. This application is available at the ATI website.

Download and run the ATI Driver Uninstall application to remove any registry keys that the drivers may have left behind in the System Registry. Reboot the computer in Safe Mode and attempt to install the new drivers for the video card.


  • check Do the Add/Remove programs procedure first. If that does not work fully, then proceed to the ATI website to use the Uninstall utility.


  • close Be sure that you have updated drivers or a new video card with drivers to replace the removed drivers.

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