How to Completely Delete and Uninstall the HP Printer Deskjet Driver Software

By Amanda Rumble

Removing a printer from a PC includes multiple steps.
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Common printer problems get resolved by deleting and uninstalling the HP Printer Deskjet Driver and then reinstalling it later. It may also be necessary to reinstall the software if you mistakenly connected the printer to the computer before you were instructed. Uninstalling the software is simple if you follow the on-screen instructions.

Click "Start" followed by "Control Panel." In the Control Panel select "Add/Remove Programs."

Locate HP Deskjet All-In-One Driver Software in the list of available programs. Click on the option to "Change/Remove."

Follow the prompts that appear on-screen with the HP Uninstall utility. It will verify that you want to completely uninstall the Deskjet software and driver.

Turn the power off on the HP printer if it is still connected to the computer and unplug the printer's USB connection to the computer.

Open "Start" and in the search box type "print."

Click on "Print Management" in the new window that pops up. Double-click on the print servers option listed in the left-hand panel.

Right-click on your computer's name on the list that appears and select the "Properties" option. Navigate to the "Drivers" tab and find the correct HP product that was installed on your PC.

Remove the driver package by selecting the correct radio button. You can select "Remove Driver Only" or "Remove Driver and Driver Package." Select "OK" and the driver will be removed completely from your PC.

Restart your computer to allow the installation to be complete. All traces of the HP Deskjet software should be removed.