How to Get Completely Free Domain Registration

by Contributor

Completely free domain registration is a simple way that you can acquire domain names without the fees adding up. While they may be few and slightly far between, there still are sites out there that offer completely free domain registration. If you need to know how to get completely free domain registration you've landed on the right page.

Watching out for traps is something that you really need to do when you are looking for completely free domain registration. This is because there are companies out there that masquerade their completely free domain registration as something else and get you to sign up for all kinds of products and service in order to get your domain name. Avoid places like this at all cost. Check out multiple domain registration sites and read their terms and conditions first before you get set on one.

Read up on sites like DigitalPoint and see which completely free domain registration sites people in the business recommend. You can always use a search engine like Dogpile to find out which ones are the most popular too. There is really no set in stone method for picking a company that will do this for you, just make sure you avoid certain pitfalls like the ones listed in step one.

Another method for getting completely free domain registration is to sign up with a company that offers an advertising voucher or credit. What this means is that you might pay a small fee up front like five to ten dollars for your domain registration, but they will give you a 100 dollar credit for advertising with companies like Google or Yahoo. If you are registering a domain name you have most likely already thought about advertising and this credit would pay for the domain name and get you a head start on advertising which amounts to you actually making money off of registering the domain name, one better than getting it free.

One last thing to remember about completely free domain registration is that although it will save you a little bit of money, there are lots of sites where you can buy a domain name for next to nothing and when you have paid for a domain name it becomes like a piece of real estate and can be worth something in the future. This isn't always possible when you use a completely free domain registration site.

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