How to Completely Delete Search History

by Jim Campbell
computer image by blaine stiger from Fotolia.com

Your search history is saved by the browser to speed up queries and give you results that you click more often. The search history is saved in the browser's cache, so some people delete the search history for better privacy. If you sell your computer or give it away to someone else, you may want to delete the browser's search history to protect your privacy.

Internet Explorer (IE)

Step 1

Open Internet Explorer. With the software opened, press "Control-Shift-Delete" on your keyboard. This opens a new window.

Step 2

Check the boxes labeled "History" and "Form Data."

Step 3

Click "Delete."

Right-click the "Recycle Bin" icon on your Windows desktop. Select "Empty Recycle Bin." This completely deletes the files from your hard drive.


Step 1

Open the Firefox software. Press "Alt-T" with Firefox opened. This opens a new configuration window.

Step 2

Click "Clear Recent History." Check the boxes labeled "Browsing & Download History" and "Form & Search History."

Step 3

Click the "Clear" button to delete your history.

Right-click the "Recycle Bin" icon on your desktop. From the menu, click "Empty Recycle Bin." This completely removes the history files from your hard drive.

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