Comparison of Verizon & TracFone Prepaid Phones

By Christy Maxwell

Tracfone and Verizon offer a variety of prepaid bundle options.
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Cell phones are everywhere in the world today. With so many devices and service providers, consumers can feel overwhelmed with the multitude of choices available. Sometimes choosing prepaid phone options makes the most sense for people. Whether purchasing a phone for a young person, choosing a phone for someone with less than stellar credit or simply enjoying being unhindered by a monthly bill, prepaid cellular plans are available nationwide. Tracfone and Verizon are two of the leading providers of prepaid phones and plans.

Devices, Accessories and Services

Both companies offer a variety of cellular devices for less than $20. However, Verizon also offers smart phones and phones with data messaging and email capabilities that can be set up with prepaid plans, as well. Both Tracfone and Verizon boast wide coverage areas, excellent technical support and freedom from contractual obligations by adopting a prepaid option.


The major benefit of selecting a prepaid phone option is the lack of contractual obligation. Refill cards can be purchased at many retailers across the country, making it very convenient to add minutes. With pre-paids, the consumer has the flexibility of buying a new device whenever the mood strikes. Both Tracfone and Verizon offer package deals for bundled minutes and text plans in pay-as-you-go format options in addition to more extensive coverage plans that are paid up front. Verizon even offers a daily payment option for customers needing a cell phone for a very limited time. Coverage for both companies is extensive; however, because Tracfone contracts with many cellular companies to provide coverage it boasts 99% cellular service across the United States.


The obvious sacrifice with opting for a prepaid plan is the threat of running out of minutes unexpectedly. Planning and attention is required to ensure continued cell service is available when needed. Further, Tracfone’s available cell phones are generally basic devices. Tracfone’s plans are also notably more expensive than Verizon’s for the same number of minutes. For both companies, text and picture messages, emails and surfing the World Wide Web are billed separately from calling minutes. Verizon does have certain areas across the United States, particularly in the mid-west and Alaska where cellular service is not yet offered.

Bottom Line

If a prepaid phone option is preferable, both Tracfone and Verizon offer plans to meet customers’ needs. A variety of payment options are available without commitment, and with pay-as-you-go plans, it is possible to try both companies to determine which will best meet the needs of the consumer. Putting each phone option to the test for a particular geographic area may be the perfect solution for the savvy prepaid phone consumer.