Comparison of Shaw Cable & Telus TV

By Steven Hill

Entertainment providers offer digital TV service and more.
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Shaw and Telus both offer TV service packages. If both of these providers are available in your area, you will need to make a choice based on your budget and TV package needs. Both companies offer several packages from which to choose. Seeing package details side by side may assist you in making your choice.

Shaw High Definition TV

Shaw offers its subscribers a high-definition TV service. This service is offered in three packages, including HD with Digital Basic, HD Basic and High Definition TV. HD with Digital Basic costs $38.95 per month at the time of publication, and it is the entry level and offers popular U.S. and Canadian networks in HD. HD Basic costs $64.95. It offers all the channels of the standard plan, plus specialty channels. High Definition TV is priced at $80.95. In addition to the specialty channels, this package comes with sports, education and entertainment channels. All HD programming is available in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

Shaw Digital TV

Shaw's Digital TV is offered in two packages. The first, Digital Basic, starts at $29.95 per month. It provides access to major U.S. and Canadian networks, as well as community channels, digital music, pay-per-view channels and Shaw's On Demand service. The second, Digital TV, starts at $39.95 per month. It provides subscribers with all the content of the Digital Basic plan, as well as specialty channels. Subscribers can choose from various programming packages.

Telus Optik TV

Telus provides HDTV to its subscribers through its Optik TV service. This service allows users to connect multiple TVs to one personal video recorder (PVR). All offered channels are digital. Telus offers over 500 channels from which to choose, though availability may be different in your area. Both pay-per-view channels and On Demand content is available. Telus offers the Optik TV service at an introductory rate of $41 per month for the first six months at the time of publication. Costs vary depending on your chosen programming package and location.

Telus Satellite TV

In addition to its Optik TV service, Telus also provides satellite-based television. Users subscribing to this service can choose to either rent or purchase necessary equipment, including one receiver per TV using the service. PVR receivers are $15 per month to rent or $499 to purchase, while HD receivers are $10 to rent and $199 to purchase. Satellite TV provides over 500 channels, some of which are HD. Telus delivers all channels in a digital format. This service is not available in all areas