Comparison of FiOS TV Vs. DirecTV

By Steven Hill

Find the Verizon TV services that are right for you.
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Of the TV services available in your area, you've narrowed your choices to two offerings from Verizon. Both its FiOS TV and DirecTV services sound good to you. In choosing the right plan for you, you'll need to see what each individual package in each service offers, what the prices are and decide what matches what you both want and can afford.

Verizon FiOS TV

The FiOS TV service offered by Verizon comes in three different packages. At $65 per month, the Prime HD Plan is the cheapest of them as of 2011. It offers you over 195 channels. The Extreme HD Plan costs $75 and provides more than 285 channels. For $90, subscribers can choose the Ultimate HD Plan. This final plan offers more than 350 channels. All three FiOS packages comes with free premium installation. If ordered online, the activation fee is waived.

Verizon DirecTV

Verizon also offers its DirecTV service. DirecTV comes in one of four packages. The first is Choice Xtra. This package provides over 210 channels for $38 per month. Choice Xtra + DVR is the second package, offering the same channels as the first but with an included digital video recorder. It costs $45. Choice Ultimate + HD + DVR offers more than 225 channels, including 50 HD channels and a DVR for $65. Premier is the final available package. This offers all of the channels from the Ultimate package in addition to all available premium movie channel for $86.


In terms of channels available and price, FiOS and DirecTV differ. For example, the cheapest FiOS package offers 195 channels while the cheapest DirecTV package offers 210. The DirecTV plan is also $27 cheaper. However, the FiOS package offers more HD content, as well as bonuses like free installation. All FiOS plans comes with a DVR unit, where a DVR is offered with three out of four DirecTV plans. DirecTV may also be unavailable to you if, for instance, your home doesn't have a clear view of the southern sky.


Choosing the TV service that's right for you depends on different factors. If you want the most available HD content, consider FiOS. If money is an issue, then DirecTV offers several packages cheaper than FiOS's cheapest available plan. If you live in an apartment building or house without a good view of the southern sky, then your choice might be physically limited to FiOS. Make the choice based on your budget, the channel package that sounds good to you, and your home's physical setting.