A Comparison of Direct TV With Mediacom

By Jeris Swanhorst

Both DirecTV and Mediacom bundle services at a discount to consumers.
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DirecTV and Mediacom both provide television, Internet and phone service. While DirecTV partners with AT&T, Verizon and Qwest to provide Internet and phone services, Mediacom offers all three services from their company. DirecTV satellite television provides English, Spanish and International packages along with DVR service including HD DVR options. Mediacom offers cable TV in various packages, also including DVR and HDTV options.

DirecTV TV Packages

Four different English television packages are available from DirecTV. The Choice package offers over 150 channels with the option to add on DVR an HD service for additional monthly fees. The Choice Xtra package provides over 210 channels and HD service; DVR service can be added for an additional fee. The Choice Ultimate plan provides over 225 channels and the Premier packages includes over 285 channels. Both the Ultimate and Premier plans include HD service and the option to add DVR service.

Mediacom TV Packages

Mediacom provides various TV packages including family cable, digital cable, music choice, digital plus and sports pak. Digital cable subscribers begin with a standard Star Pak and customers can add additional stars to their packages to get more channels. The more stars added, the more channels and the higher the monthly fee. The 1 Star Pak offers 15 channels of Starz and Encore, for example, and the 4 Star Pak offers more than 50 channels of Starz, Encore, Cinemax, HBO and more.

DirecTV Bundles

With DirecTV, customers can bundle DirecTV satellite television with Internet and phone service from DirecTV's partners. Partners for Internet and phone service include AT&T, Qwest, Verizon, CenturyLink, Windstream, Cincinnati Bell and TDS Telecom. To order these services, customers can call the customer service number available on DirecTV's website. If ordering bundle packages, customers can save up to $180, according to DirecTV. Bundle package customers can also receive an integrated monthly bill of all three services.

Mediacom Services

Mediacom offers three different Internet plans, which vary in download speed and price. The Mediacom Online plan offers high-speed Internet with download speeds up to 12 Mbps. The Mediacom Max plan offers Internet with download speeds up to 20 Mbps and the Mediacom Ultra 50 plan has download speeds as much as 50 Mbps. Mediacom also offers home phone service, with discounts available to customers who order more than one Mediacom service.