How to Compare Verizon to Sprint

by Sara Hickman

Picking out a cell phone plan can be a headache, but there are features you should compare between Sprint and Verizon contracts. Each person will have their own needs and expectations from a cell phone plan, so choose the one that is best for you.


Verizon and Sprint carry many of the same brand phones, but each has exclusive phone models as well. Consider what type of phone you want. For example if you are using your phone for business you may want a smartphone that allows you to conduct business on the go. Compare what smartphones are available from each service provider.


The most important factor to compare between Sprint and Verizon is the coverage each company provides. You do not want to sign a contract with a service provider that does not offer excellent reception coverage where you live or conduct business.

Data Plans

Compare not only the minutes offered with Sprint and Verizon plans, but the data plans. If you send texts and pictures often you may want an unlimited messaging package. If you want a smartphone or messaging phone with broadband capabilities you will want a plan that gives you extensive or unlimited data as well.


Both Sprint and Verizon offer competitive individual, family, and data plans. Both also offer prepaid service or contracts with one or two year agreements. Evaluate your budget, anticipated talk time, and needs for data and broadband service, as costs can vary significantly between the two providers based on the package you select.


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