How to Compare Dish Internet Service vs. Comcast Service

By Ty Arthur

Compare Dish Internet Service vs. Comcast Service
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A satellite Internet connection, frequently referred to as "dish Internet," lets you connect to the Internet anywhere there is adequate coverage. On the other hand, Comcast uses cable Internet, which runs through your existing television-cable line and is not mobile. The two types of service provide access to the same Internet, but offer dramatically different features and prices. Below are a few options to consider before deciding on either Internet service.

Navigate your web browser to the Comcast Internet service website (see Resources). Type in your address to see if Comcast offers service in your area and which plans they offer.

Navigate to the website for a dish Internet service such as AT&T or Skycasters. Check to see if any of these satellite services is available in your area.

Check the coverage area of the dish Internet provider. Keep in mind that if you move, you can take the satellite dish with you and immediately connect to the Internet as long as there is coverage available in your new location.

To decide what sort of upload and download speeds you need, consider what you will be doing with your Internet connection. If you plan to download or view large files such as movie clips, you will probably want to choose a faster Comcast package that has download speeds of up to 20 Mbps (megabytes per second).

If you are going to use your Internet connection simply for low-bandwidth procedures such as checking email or viewing news sites, you can probably get by with a dish Internet solution.

Then, compare the generally higher cost of leasing a satellite dish from the dish Internet provider to the (usually) lower cost of leasing the cable modem from the cable provider. Check to see if either the dish or cable provider has any special offers in your area. These may include valuable rebates or a sale on leasing equipment if you commit to a contract.

Take into account the number of email addresses the dish Internet provider offers as well as the maximum amount of email server space. Choose the provider that offers more email addresses if you have need for more than one. Currently, Comcast provides seven email address and 10 GB (gigabytes) of email storage space.

Contact the dish Internet provider to find out if its advertised prices are permanent or part of an introductory (time-sensitive) offer. Compare the price to Comcast's advertised prices. Take into account that generally Comcast offers a reduced price for the first three months and then raises the price.