How to Compare Your Photo to Famous People

By Miranda Drexler

i Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Celebrity look-alike generators are fun ways to compare yourself to famous people. A variety of websites provide this service free of charge; a few of these are's face recognition tool, FaceDouble, and PicItUp. A few steps should be followed on each of these sites.

Picking a Photo

Make sure you pick a good photo for uploading. MyHeritage advises you to pick a photo that is a close-up of your face, where you are facing the camera, and where you are the only person in the photo. This enables the software to pick up your features and compare them more effectively.

Multiple Tries

To see which celebrity matches come up the most often, you should use a few different photos for each generator, and then use different generators. This will enable you to see who you most resemble in the celebrity world.

Show it Off

Most celebrity generator websites offer quick and easy ways to share your results on your blog, Facebook or Twitter. Take advantage of these options to show your friends the celebrity look-alike results you received. They can offer feedback on which one looks the most like you, so sharing these results is a good way to compare yourself.