How to Compare Twitter Followers Between Two Profiles

By Marina Martin

Looking at a particular Twitter account's followers is one way to find other Twitter users who are interested in the same topics. For example, people who follow your business competitors on Twitter may also be interested in your services or in your industry as a whole. Twitter users who follow an account you enjoy, such as a particular charity or a famous comedian, may share other interests with you, opening up the possibility for new friendships. Using a service to compare the followers of your account with another account can reveal new and useful people for you to follow.

Step 1

Visit to compare two or more Twitter accounts' friends and/or followers. Enter each Twitter username on its own line. Select the "Followers" option for each account. Click "Compare" to see a list of followers both accounts have in common. You can also view a list of Twitter users who only follow one of the accounts.

Step 2

Visit and click the "Compare Users" tab to compare up to three Twitter accounts. Choose "Compare Their Followers" from the drop down list. Click "Do It" for a follower analysis, including a visualization of shared versus unique followers and account statistics such as average new followers per day. Click the links underneath the follower visualization to see a lists of share and unique followers, which you can sort on the basis of follower location, real name, age and other criteria.

Step 3

Visit to compare followers across up to three Twitter accounts. Click the "Mutual Friends" tab and enter each Twitter username in its own box. Click "Search" to see a visualization of mutual followers. Click the mutual followers link for a list of these followers. Click the "Follow" button to follow accounts that you are not currently following straight from the list of non-mutual followers.