How to Compare Files on Two Hard Drives

By Jim Campbell

If you have two hard drives and the same files stored on both, you can view the files' details in Windows to compare basic information for both versions. This type of comparison lets you identify the newer file and determine which one you want to keep.


Right-click the file you want to view and select "Properties." Do this with both files so that Windows will show you a side-by-side comparison of both files. A modified date, creation date and file owner are among the properties listed for the files.


A mirrored drive contains a copy of all the files on your main hard drive. Use a side-by-side comparison of files to view which copy is the most recent. You can then edit or move the most recent file, which typically is the more active file.


Viruses and other malware can corrupt files. Open each file you want to compare to view for any corruption. Make sure you copy or move the file that is not corrupted and contains the most recent information for business or other productivity processes.