How to Compare Direct TV to Dish Network

by Contributor

When purchasing satellite TV, two of the biggest companies are DirectTV and Dish Network. If you are trying to choose between them, there are a few key differences that you should know about.


Consider the difference in programming. Dish Network has more international programming (such as French, Israeli, and Japanese television), while DirectTV has more sports channels available for an additional cost. DirectTV also includes your local channels, which cost an additional $5 per month with Dish.


Look at the prices. The basic Dish Network package is less expensive than DirectTV ($20 vs. $30 per month), although options for either company can triple the price. Paying roughly double the price will triple the amount of standard channels from 50 to 150.


Think about how much you'll want to record on your personal digital video recorder. DirectTV allows you to record roughly a day and a half of television to watch later, while Dish Network gives you nearly four days. Generally speaking, you can get your DVR for free, but it will cost $5 a month for service with either company.


Ask yourself whether you really need satellite television at all. You may be better off with cable, especially if you can get a bundle with your Internet provider. Cable won't require the installation of a satellite dish, and will likely be cheaper if you buy Internet access at the same time.


Research if there are any special deals available before purchasing satellite TV. One or both companies usually has a promotion, such as three free months of premium channels (Showtime, Cinemax, HBO) with hookup.


  • check If you really love football, DirectTV's NFL Sunday Package shows all Sunday NFL games, Player Tracker for Fantasy Football, The Red Zone (for all games) and pre- and post-game coverage (around $75 per month for four months).

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