How to Find Company Websites (7 Steps)

By Don Simkovich

Searching for company websites may require some detective work.
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Put on a detective hat to sleuth through the methods of finding company websites. Locating a specific company website requires using both online and in-person tactics if maneuvering through search results does not bring up the desired site. Utilize search engines, online directories, print publications at the local library, and business acquaintances. Starting with industry association websites and newsletters is a good way to begin a global search before narrowing choices to individual companies.

Step 1

Type a company name in a search engine if the name is known. Use additional extensions like .info and .us if .com does not bring up a site. Scan the results and click on the link bringing up the company website. Log on to an Internet directory such as and type in the company name to bring up the site. Write the company’s partial or full address in a search engine to bring up the site. Use a directory or search engine dedicated to a particular city such as

Step 2

Log on to a comprehensive business directory like or Hoovers. Enter the business name provided in the search box. Scroll down the page on to locate the title “Find U.S. Companies by Category” or use the link immediately below to find companies by location.

Step 3

Enter various combinations of company names and cities to get desired results.
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Type the name of a city and industry in a search engine or online directory if the name of the business isn’t known: “tool-and-die makers, city, state” or “restaurant, city, state.” Click on a company website that shows up in the results, or enter the name of the company in the search engine or online directory.

Step 4

Enter the name of an association in a search engine such as “professional employer organization,” then scan the roster of members to find the business name and company website.

Step 5

Log on to and enter the name of a company or put out a request asking for a particular website. Ask friends on line and in person for referrals on a specific type of company if the name and website are not known.

Step 6

Visit the business reference section at the local library. Use a comprehensive directory like Harris Information directories. Search through industry listings, find the name of a company, and the website in the contact information. Read through Thomas Register and the listing of companies.

Step 7

Ask through local business networking groups or the local chamber of commerce for names of specific companies and the website url; or ask for specific industry referrals.