How to View a Compact Disc on This Computer

by Tina Amo
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Compact discs can store various types of digital data, including audio, picture and data files. Computer users have a few options from which to choose when they wish to view the contents of a CD. The methods are straightforward.

Step 1

Insert the compact disc into the CD or DVD drive. The CD will usually begin to play automatically in an appropriate program, such as Windows Media Player or Real Player, if it contains an autorun file.

Step 2

Play the CD manually if it does not start automatically. Click the Start button and click "Computer." Right-click the CD or DVD drive and select "Play."

View the contents of the CD if you do not wish to play it immediately. Click the Start button and select "Computer." Right-click the drive containing the disc and click "Explore." The contents of the compact disc will appear in an explorer window.


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