Common Script Fonts

by Jagg Xaxx

A font is a style of script used in writing, printing and typing. Fonts originated with the printing press in the 15th century, but are now more commonly known as features of word processing programs on computers. Script fonts, also known as cursive fonts, are font styles that mimic handwriting.

Bradley Hand

Bradley Hand is a script font that is fairly easy to read, as it resembles hand-printed letters. Unlike many script fonts, Bradley Hand is not excessively ornate and therefore retains an aura of utilitarianism as well as character. Bradley Hand is a thin font and uses little ink.


Blackadder is a font that evokes the feeling of pen and ink writing, or letters made by a quill. Its capitals feature trilled serifs, and its lower cases are decorated by offset serifs at the tops. Like many script fonts, Blackadder is offset to the right to resemble handwriting.

Edwardian Script

Edwardian Script is an ornate but dignified font that would not be out of place on a wedding invitation. It is a true cursive font in that it closely resembles cursive writing. The letters are designed in such a way that when they are typed, their extensions connect, just as with actual cursive handwriting.

Freestyle Script

Freestyle Script is an informal font with a much more contemporary look than many script fonts. It features serpentine letter forms and resembles letters quickly written with a sharpie or magic marker. Unlike Edwardian Script, Freestyle Script does not feature connected letters, so resembles printing more than cursive writing.

Lucida Handwriting

Lucida Handwriting is a heavy, dark font. While retaining some of the ornate qualities of other cursive fonts, it lacks elaborate swirls and thus looks more contemporary than a font like Edwardian Script. Lucida Handwriting is an attempt to mimic normal contemporary handwriting, thus its name.


Mistral is a tight and oblique font, designed as much for its decorative qualities as for its readability. Striking in its appearance, it is appropriate for accent words on posters or signs but would quickly become tiring to read if it were used in large paragraphs. Mistral has overtones of Asian calligraphy in its character.


Vivaldi, as is implied by its name, is a delicate font that attempts to evoke a sense of earlier times. Vivaldi is slim and formal, with close letters and lacy decorations on its capitals. The elaborations of the capitals can make them difficult to read if they are not used in moderation.

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