How Does Comcast Voice Work?

by Erik Arvidson

Comcast Digital Voice is a phone service provided by Comcast Corp., a U.S. telecommunications services provider. It is similar to voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in that calls are routed over Comcast's IP-based network. Comcast Digital Voice is offered to both residential and business customers.


Typical VoIP phone services send calls over the public Internet. However, with Comcast Digital Voice, calls travel over Comcast's proprietary-managed IP network. Because this is a managed service, according to Comcast, customer calls get priority handling.

Fiber Networks

Comcast's voice services are transmitted over its hybrid fiber coaxial cable network, which is the same cable used to transmit Comcast's high speed Internet and cable television services.

Enhanced 911

Comcast provides enhanced 911 services through its voice service, which means that when an emergency call is placed, the call is automatically routed to the appropriate public safety answering point with the caller's location. Many other VoIP service providers offer only standard 911 services. Comcast is able to provide this service because it operates competitive local exchange carriers in each state where its voice service is available.

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