Comcast Phone Features

By Oneil Williams

Comcast's XFINITY Voice home phone service has a variety of features.
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Comcast's XFINITY Voice home phone service provides you with access to a range of features designed to save you money and simplify your life. Subscribers to the service do not need to sign a long-term contract and can access web-based features connected with the home phone while on the go with the appropriate plan.

Unlimited Calling

Comcast offers a local and an unlimited calling plan to subscribers. The local plan allows you to make unlimited calls within your immediate geographic area. This may include your neighborhood, city or county. The unlimited plan allows unlimited local and long distance calling within the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.


You can personalize greetings and manage your voicemails and voicemail settings from anywhere via a phone or Internet connection with the Comcast XFINITY Voice feature.

Call Screening

Comcast Digital Voice subscribers can create a list of 12 numbers that will be greeted with an announcement stating that you are not accepting calls from that number. International telephone numbers, 411, 911 and telephone numbers beginning with 900, 500, 700 or 976 are excluded. You can activate the feature by pressing "60" and deactivate it by pressing "80."

Call Forwarding Selective

The Call Forwarding Selective allows you to specify calls from telephone numbers that you want to have forwarded. You can activate this feature by pressing "63" and use "83" to deactivate.

Call Forwarding Variable

If you want to forward all the calls you receive on your Comcast digital phone service to another number, you can press "72" to initiate the forward and "73" to deactivate.

Call Waiting

Your Comcast digital phone service allows you to respond to a second phone call without disconnecting the first, using the call waiting feature. A tone will alert you to the incoming call so you can put the first caller on hold and respond to the incoming call.

Call Return

Call return allows you to automatically dial the number of the last person who called your phone unless the caller ID was blocked. Press "69" to activate this feature and "89" to deactivate.

Repeat Dialing

Repeat dialing keeps dialing a busy number until a connection is made. To activate this feature, press "66" and then hang up the receiver. Your Comcast digital phone will ring you once a connection has been established. Press "86" to deactivate this feature.

Speed Dial 8

Speed Dial 8 allows you to create a single digit code number between 2 and 9 that will automatically dial the designated recipient when you enter the associated speed dial number and press "#" on your Comcast digital phone.

Additional Features

Call trace allows you to dial "*57" to initiate a trace so that law enforcement officers can investigate a harassing phone call. Caller ID blocking per call allows you to keep your caller ID anonymous when placing individual calls. Caller ID blocking per line makes every outbound call you make anonymous. Under qualifying plans, subscribers also have access to the Smartzone Communications Center to manage these features from any Internet connection