Comcast Digital Phone Service Problems With Cordless Phones

By Amelia Jenkins

Your Comcast digital phone service should work with both landline and cordless phones. However, cordless phones tend to have more issues than landline phones. For example, interference issues are common with a cordless phone. You can troubleshoot problems with your cordless phone yourself, or contact Comcast for assistance.

Service Issues

The Comcast digital phone service can experience periodic service outages. For example, severe weather can cause a service outage across a wide area. Periodic updates to the digital phone service can also cause scheduled outages. These outages can be isolated to one area or cover several city blocks. You will have to wait for service to be restored in your area before using your cordless phone again.


Cordless phones are susceptable to interference. This interference can cause static on your phone, or even cause your phone to drop the call entirely. Place the cordless phone base away from other electronic devices to reduce the chance of interference.

Your cordless phone can also cause interference. For example, using your cordless phone can interrupt your Comcast Internet service. A Comcast service technician can come to your home and troubleshoot interference problems between your Comcast digital phone service and Comcast Internet service.

Hardware Issues

If your cordless phone does not have a dial tone, the handset itself could be to blame. Verify that your cordless handset has a full charge and try your call again. If you still do not have a dial tone, plug a landline phone into the outlet and test the connection. You can also try other phone outlets to determine if the problem stems from one outlet or every outlet in your home.

Getting Help

If service problems persist, Comcast can help troubleshoot your digital phone service. You can contact Comcast's telephone support from another phone, such as your cellphone. You can also chat with Comcast representative 24-hours a day, or send Comcast Support an email, through the Comcast website.