How to Combine Video Clips in Power Director (3 Steps)

By John Ruiz

PowerDirector 8 is an application by CyberLink for editing and enhancing videos. The software features a timeline view where you can drag various video clips to create a presentation. You can also split clips into various segments, which adds another layer of creativity. If you want to merge these clips back together or merge different clips into a continuous stream, PowerDirector allows you to do that as well.

Step 1

Switch the workspace view to "Timeline View" by clicking on the icon that looks like a timeline. Use the "Library Window" above the timeline to find the clips you wish to merge.

Step 2

Drag each clip to the timeline to prepare them for merging.

Step 3

Hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and select two clips imported in the timeline using the left mouse button. Right-click on any of the selected clips and choose the "Combine" item to merge the clips together.