How to Combine Multiple Word Documents Into a PDF

By Stephen Lilley

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Word documents are text-based computer documents that can be edited by anyone using a computer with Microsoft Word installed. PDF documents, on the other hand, are permanent--you cannot edit them unless you use special software, and they are meant to be viewed using Adobe Reader software. If you have multiple Word documents, you can combine them into one document and then convert that document to the PDF file format.

Step 1

Double-click on all of your Microsoft Word documents. This will open them in separate windows.

Step 2

Decide which document will be your "main" document--the one that you combine all of your other documents into.

Step 3

Highlight text from the first document you'd like to combine into your "main" document. Click the "Copy" button (or "Ctrl-C") in Word to copy the text to your clipboard. Navigate to the bottom of the "main" Word document and click the "Paste" button (or "Ctrl-V). Repeat this step until you have pasted the contents of all of your Word documents into one single, complete document.

Step 4

Click "Office" and "Save As." Select "PDF or XPS." Choose the "PDF" option from the drop-down menu and click "Save" to combine your multiple Word documents into one single PDF document.