How to Combine & Group Apple iPhone Apps

By Steve Gregory

Organize your iPhone's screen.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You can group the apps on your iPhone beyond rearranging them on the device’s screen. IOS has a feature that automatically creates a folder when you combine two or more apps together. Each folder can hold a maximum of 16 apps, and you can rearrange the folders using the same method that you would use to rearrange apps – by dragging them around the screen. Organizing your apps by placing them into folders not only helps you to find your apps faster, but it can declutter your iPhone’s screen.

Step 1

Tap and hold the icon of an app that you want to group with other apps. This action causes all of the apps on the screen to start shaking.

Step 2

Drag the app's icon directly onto another app with a similar function and then release it to create a folder. IOS automatically names the folder based on the type of apps in the folder. For example, if you place a GPS app and a maps app together to create a folder, iOS names the folder "Navigation."

Step 3

Tap "X" in the Name field to erase the current folder name, and then type a new name for the folder.

Step 4

Tap "Done" to save the folder's new name, and then press the "Home" button to place the new folder on the home screen.

Step 5

Tap and hold other apps that you want to place in the folder, and then drag them into the folder.

Step 6

Repeat the steps to create new folders to group other apps that have similar functions.