How to Combine Word Documents & Maintain Different Headers

By Mansur Ahmed

i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

Whether you want to create a title page or to have unique headers or footers in several areas of a document, there is a way to do just about everything in Microsoft Word. There are, in fact, several ways to maintain headers and footers, and you can easily adjust basic options through the page setup menu. Maintaining multiple headers is a bit more complicated, however, as it will require you to divide your document up into different sections.

Step 1

For a different first page, select "Page Setup" on the file menu. When it opens, select the "Layout" tab. Check the box for "Different First Page" and the first page of your document will now be without a header or footer. This can allow you to create a title page in the same document without having to worry about something such as a page number appearing within the footer.

Step 2

If you are planning to print your document in the style of a book with facing pages, then check the "Different odd and even" box. This will allow you to use different headers and footers on facing pages. For example, if you intend your page numbers in the footer to appear in the lower right and left of the margins of subsequent pages, they can appear both left-aligned and right-aligned, respectively, on even and odd pages.

Step 3

To have different headers or footers throughout the document, you must split your document into sections by inserting page breaks. Click Insert and select "Break." This will break your document into a new section where you will be able to have a different header from the previous section. After you have inserted a page break, you must then click the "Link to previous" button on the header and footer toolbar to break away from the header or footer of the previous section. You are now free to create a different header in the new section.