How to Combine AVI Files With SRT Files

by David Wayne

If you have videos in AVI format and you'd like to watch them with subtitles, use video-converting software to add SRT files to the videos. SRT subtitles are sometimes available as a download or a separate file for an AVI video. Some viewers prefer watching a movie with subtitles over trying to follow a language they don't understand. When you add subtitles to a movie, your audience becomes larger and crosses a language barrier. Most video players let you choose a language and subtitle track for your video.

Total Video Converter

Step 1

Visit to download Total Video Converter. Double-click the installation package, and launch the program.

Step 2

Click "New Task," and choose "Import Media Files" from the pop-up window. Double-click an AVI file to add it to the converter.

Step 3

Click "Video File" in the window that appears after you choose a file. Click "AVI Format."

Step 4

Click "Filter," and check the box next to "Subtitle." Click "Browse" to add a subtitle file in SRT format.

Click "OK" to add the file. Click "Convert Now" to combine the [SRT file]( with the AVI file.

AVS Video Converter

Step 1

Visit Download AVS Video Converter, and install it on your computer. Launch the converter.

Step 2

Click "Browse" next to "Input File Name." Search for AVI files on your computer, and double-click a file to add it to the converter.

Step 3

Click "To AVI" at the top of the screen. Click "Profile," and choose a video-quality setting from the drop-down menu.

Step 4

Click "Advanced," and expand the "Subpicture" menu. Choose an SRT file from the "Subpicture" menu.

Click "OK" and "Convert Now" to create a new AVI file with subtitles.

Any Video Converter

Step 1

Visit Download the latest version of the program, and install it on your computer.

Step 2

Copy SRT files to the folder containing the AVI file you want to add subtitles to. Rename the SRT file with the same name as the AVI file.

Step 3

Launch Any Video Converter. Click "Add Video" to add an AVI file to the converter. Click "Profile" in the upper-left corner of the screen, and choose "AVI."

Click "Subtitle" in the lower-right section of Any Video Converter, under the "Audio Options" heading. Choose the SRT file you added to the AVI folder. Click "Convert Video."


  • Use the "Preview" feature in each of these programs to make sure your subtitles match the video and appear where you want them on the screen. Click "Play" on the right side of the screen to preview your video in the window.

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