How to Make a Collage Photo for eBay Gallery Image

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Many eBay sellers offer lots, or batches of clothing for sale as a single item. Here is an easy trick for creating a photo for the gallery by using the individual photos of your items and creating a collage to display.

You don't need expensive photo editing software. Open Microsoft Paint -yes, this little program that your kids draw with. You can find Microsoft Paint by clicking the START button at the bottom left of your toolbar, click ALL PROGRAMS, click ACCESSORIES, and select PAINT.

Once in the Microsoft paint application, open a new blank document and save it as your main photo - let's call this photo 1.

Individually open each photo of what you want in the collage. Crop the image, and cut or copy, then paste on photo 1 in the desired location. (Imagine that you are adding individual photos to a large piece of poster board.) Save photo 1 after each addition.

You may have to resize Photo 1 to fit everything on - just pull the bottom right corner with your mouse and increase the size of the white background area.

If photo 1 gets too big for your screen and you are unable to see each new addition, click on IMAGE (top toolbar), STRETCH/SKEW and reduce the size of the photo by 25-50%, or until it reaches the desired size.

When listing your lot of items on eBay, use the collage as the gallery photo. Buyers will see a clear view of each of of the items in the lot, rather than a pile of items on the floor or a table. This technique is much more appealing and attractive, and buyers will be more likely to click on your listing and read further if your gallery photo looks clean and the items are neatly dislayed.

Use both the collage photo and individual photos of the items within your listing description. You want potential buyers to be able to see the group of items as a whole, as well as details and close-ups each individual item.


  • check If you aren't familiar with Microsoft Paint, take a few minutes to experiment with it. You may need some practice before you become proficient with using this tool.

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