Codes and Instructions for an RCA SystemLink 6 Remote Control

By Charmayne Smith

SystemLink 6 Universal Remote

The RCA SystemLink 6 Remote is designed to provide simplistic programming with easy to use features and controls. The SystemLink 6 Remote provides controls for up six independent entertainment devices. This universal remote is compatible with televisions, DVD players, DVR players, satellite, cable, VCR, plasma and audio receivers.


The RCA SystemLink 6 Universal Remote is preprogrammed with a long list of device codes. The remote is designed to locate and pair with your devices without the hassle of finding and entering codes. Before you begin pairing the remote, turn all of your devices off. Make sure that you have installed new batteries into your universal remote. Always begin your pairing with your television. Turn on your television. Direct your universal remote at the television. Press and hold the Code Search button until the indicator light remains on. Once the light glows continuously, release the button. Press the TV button once. Next, press the "On-Off" button repeatedly until the TV turns off. Once the television powers down, press the "Enter" button. The programming for the television is complete. Follow the same pairing process to pair your remaining devices. It is important that you pair only one device at a time. The remote has a control button for six separate devices. Upon successful programming, the remote will provide device navigation, lighting up the buttons on the remote that can be used for the selected control.

Manual Programming

SystemLink 6 also allows you to enter the brand codes manually. Your newly purchased SystemLink 6 will include a Brand Code List. If you are unable to locate your brand and model on the list, you will not be able to use this method. To program your remote, first turn on the device. Point the remote towards the device, press and hold the control key that compliments the device to be paired. While holding the control key, press and hold the "Power" key until the display light turns off. Hold the buttons for three more seconds until the light turns back on. Once the light turns on, release the key. Use the number keys to enter the brand code for your device. The display light will blink once in confirmation. Press the "Power" key repeatedly (at regular intervals) until the device turns off. Once the device turns off, press the "Stop" button to save the information. If the remote reviews all available codes and is unsuccessful in finding a device match, the display light will blink four times and turn off.