"CoD4" for PC: Connection Interrupted Fixes

By Cee Jay

A cable provides an uninterrupted connection to the Internet.
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"Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" includes a multiplayer option that lets you practice your technique against players all over the world. The "Connection Interrupted" error can boot you right out of the game Sometimes the message displays briefly while your Internet quickly re-establishes a connection. The hesitation is enough to get you killed in a game where fast shooting skills is key.

Wireless Internet

Any old connection can be used to start a "CoD4" multiplayer game, but reliability is essential. A wired connection may not be as convenient, but it is far more reliable than Wi-Fi. Wireless connections are susceptible to interference because the signal travels through the air. Microwaves, cell phones and other electrical devices should be kept far away from your computer and the router. If possible, use an Ethernet cable to hook up your computer directly or move your PC closer to the router.

Multiplayer Crash

One error in particular results in the game crashing while attempting to launch a multiplayer game. It affects Vista systems mostly and is caused by conflicts with the sound card. Download the latest sound card update from the manufacturer, especially if it is made by RealTek or Sigmatel, both of which are known to crash the game. Afterwards, launch Windows Update from the Start menu and install all recommended updates.

Bandwidth Use

Bandwidth is measured by your total download and upload speed, which is utilized constantly during online multiplayer. You should not have anything else running during this time that also uses the Internet. The biggest bandwidth hogs are file sharing or peer-to-peer applications that are designed to use as much bandwidth as possible.

Game Updates

Updates are essential to PC games as most games are shipped with bugs, or errors. At the time of publication, 1.7 is the newest patch for "Call of Duty 4." It stops a crash that occurs during a Chinatown Sabotage match and includes a few other improvements. The previous patches are required before you can install the newest one and they are available from Activision's support site.

System Requirements

Make sure your PC meets the requirements to run the game. "Call of Duty 4" is compatible with Windows XP and above and requires at least 768MB of RAM. The CPU should be 2.4 GHz or faster; 1.8 Ghz for Dual or Quad core. Activision also recommends a broadband connection, so dial-up is out of the question. If you meet the requirements, you firewall might be blocking the connection. Check the "CoD 4" guide at portforward.com for help configuring your firewall.