Coby MP3 Player Instructions

By Jared Huizenga

While not as well known as some of the bigger electronics companies, Coby produces a full line of MP3 players, ranging from the simplest USB stick models to more advanced models with video capabilities. Here we'll look at a couple of Coby models--the MP300 and MP610--and give you the basic instructions for getting started.

Powering the Player

Coby MP3 players are powered in one of two ways--either with a regular AAA battery or with a built-in rechargeable battery. USB stick models--including the MP300--run on a AAA battery. To load a battery, simply slide the USB cap off the top of the player and remove the battery cover. Insert the battery, replace the battery cover and USB cap. Other models--including the MP610--have the rechargeable battery which uses the supplied USB cable to charge. To charge these players plug the USB cable into the USB port, which is located on the bottom of the player and the other end into your computer.

Turning the Player On/Off

To turn the power on or off on the MP300 and other USB stick players, locate the play button on the top of the player--it is the right button on the control panel. Hold the button until the player's LED front indicator lights up. To turn it off press the play button again and hold it until the LED light turns off. To turn the MP610 on, slide the power button--located on the right side of the player--down and hold it until the screen turns on. To turn the power off, slide the power button down and hold it until the screen turns off.

Loading Music/Videos Onto the Player

To load music onto the MP300 remove the USB cover and plug the player into your computer's USB port. Once connected your computer will automatically recognize your player and it will show up in "My Computer" as a removable device. Double click on that device and then open the folder where you store music on your computer. Click on the songs you want on your player and drag them to the device folder to copy them to your player. If you're loading music onto the MP610, connect the player to your computer with the supplied USB cable and then follow the same instructions as the MP300.

Playing Music/Videos

To play music on the MP300, use the arrow buttons on the top of the player to scroll to the main menu on the LCD screen and press the play button. This will take you to a "play music" option; press the play button again to start your music. To play music or video on the MP610, press the "enter" button, which is located in the center of the circular dial on the front of the player. Use the left and right buttons on the side of the dial to scroll to music or videos and then press "enter" to select which one you want. Once you're in the correct menu, use the up and down button on the dial to scroll to the song or video you want to watch and again press "enter" to select it.