How to CNAME on eNom

by Paul Higgins

Editing, removing or adding a CNAME record in the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings of your eNom account allows you to change the way DNS servers process your domain name. eNom, Inc. is a company which allows individuals or companies to register Internet domain names. DNS servers translate domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses which computers need to locate and access resources on Internet servers. One of the records you can use when configuring the DNS settings of your domain name is CNAME, which is an alias that redirects one of your domains to another domain. You can add a DNS CNAME record on eNom's website.

Log in to your eNom account using your eNom username and password.

Click on the "Domains" tab and select "My Domains," then click on the domain you want to edit and select "Host settings."

Edit, add or delete a CNAME record using the "Make your own changes" form. To add a CNAME record, use a new line and select "CNAME" from the drop-down menu. Then type the hostname, which is the part which goes before your actual domain name, such as "www" and the address, which is your actual domain name. You can also change the values in either or both fields to edit existing CNAME records. Finally, you can clear both the hostname and address fields to delete CNAME records.

Click on the "Save changes" button to save your new DNS settings.

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