How to Get Closed Caption on Sanyo Televisions

By C. Taylor

The Sanyo remote control enables multiple closed captioning settings.
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Your Sanyo television is equipped with a built-in decoder that deciphers closed captioning information in analog or digital signals, displaying audio as overlaid text. Not all signals contain captioning information, so it's not always possible to enable closed captions for broadcasts. The closed captioning feature is primarily used to assist hearing-impaired viewers, but it also benefits viewers when the television is muted or the sound is drowned out by environmental noises.

Step 1

Point the Sanyo remote control at the TV's front sensor and press the "CC" or "Caption" button repeatedly to cycle through the options. Depending on your Sanyo model, several display settings may be available or you might just have "Closed Caption On," "Closed Caption Off" and "Closed Caption on Mute." The latter setting only displays captions when the TV is muted; on some models, this feature is called "Quikcap."

Step 2

Press the "Mute" button to display captions when the "Closed Caption On Mute" option is selected.

Step 3

Press the "CC" or "Caption" button again to find the "Off" setting to disable closed captioning. If you previously enabled "Closed Caption On Mute," press the "Mute" button again to enable sound and disable captions.