How to Find Clipart on Microsoft Word

by Nick Davis
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Graphical images that include line drawings and cartoon-like images, clip art lets you enhance a Microsoft Word document without the hassle of looking for images on the Internet. Clip art is available in color and black and white, and is free. The images are categorized by themes and Word contains an intensive clipart library that is expandable via the Microsoft clipart website. Once you insert a clipart image, you can reposition, layer, text wrap and change an image's size within your Word document.

Step 1

Click the Microsoft Office button then "Open" to navigate to and double-click the Word document you want to insert clip art.

Step 2

Click the location, within your document, where you want to insert a clip art image. Click "Insert" on the application's main toolbar at the top of the screen. Click "Clip Art" in the "Illustrations" group.

Step 3

Type a keyword or phrase in the "Search for" box of the type of clip art you want to insert into the document. Example ... trees, hearts, group of flowers or other keyword/phrases.

Step 4

Click "Go" to start the search process. The search results will appear on your screen. Click the check box next to "Clip Art" to limit search results to just clip art.

Click on the clip art image you like to insert it into your document.


  • To narrow search results, click the check box(es) next to the specific collection of clip art categories after entering a keyword or phrase in the "Search for" box.


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