How to Clear a Track Number From a Song List

By Katherine Harder

Change the song title description to remove track listing information.
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When you rip a CD to listen to on your computer, sometimes the song titles are saved under titles like "Track 1." Similarly, if one of your friends shares a file with you, they may have titled the MP3 with the track number noted within the file name, such as "12 Song Title." If your song list in Windows Media Player always looks sloppy because the track list number appears beside each title, you can fix this problem by editing the song's file names.

Step 1

Open the file folder containing the songs that show up as track numbers when you play them in Windows Media Player. If you don't know where the file folder is located, try opening up the "Start" menu and typing the folder's name into the search box.

Step 2

Right click on one song with which you've been having a problem. Click on "Properties" to open up the properties for that specific file.

Step 3

Click on the "Details" tab. Before you do this, you'll notice that there's an option to change the track title under the "General" tab, but entering a new title here won't change how the file looks when it plays in Windows Media Player.

Step 4

Look for the title name, which should be underneath the "Description" section, and next to the section called "Title." Click on the song's title to create a box in which you can type. Delete the information here, which is title that Windows Media Player shows. Type in the name of the song, replacing the track number information.

Step 5

Click "OK" to close the song's properties. Repeat the process for any other song files that are showing track number information when you add them to song lists.