How to Clear Today's Search History

By Andrew Smith

Web browsers automatically record a history of the websites that you visit using that browser every day you search the Web. If you are temporarily using a computer different than your own, such as a friend's computer or a computer at a hotel, you may wish to delete the history for one particular day instead of the entire history saved by that browser. Fortunately, deleting today's search history is something you can do using the Web browsing software.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer.

Click the "Favorites" button located in the top left corner of the Web browser. Three tabs will appear under the Favorites button.

Select the "History" tab. When you do, a drop box will appear under the tab.

Click this drop box and select "View by Date".

Right click over "Today". Select "Delete". A window will open.

Click "Yes" in this window. Today's search history will be deleted in Internet Explorer.


Open Firefox.

Click "Tools." Select the "Clear Recent History" option. A window will open.

Choose "Today" in the drop box at the top of that window.

Click the "OK" button at the bottom of the window. Today's search history will be deleted in Firefox.