How to Clear Out a Kindle

by Shawn McClain

As you use your Amazon Kindle eReader or tablet, the device will accumulate quite a bit of information about you. Not only does it provide one-touch access to your Amazon account and linked credit card, but it also has a collection of all the books, magazines, documents and applications that you have downloaded to it. If you plan on selling or giving away the Kindle, you should erase all of this personal information by clearing out the device and restoring it to the factory default settings.

E-Ink Kindle


Turn on your Kindle and press the "Menu" button.


Scroll down using the five-way controller and choose "Settings."


Press the "Menu" button.


Scroll down to "Reset to Factory Defaults" and select "OK."

Kindle Fire


Charge the battery so that it has at least a 40 percent charge. The Kindle won't allow you to perform the reset without at least this much charge in the battery.


Tap the icons in the upper right corner of the Kindle screen, and then tap "More."


Select "Device" from the menu that appears.


Choose "Reset to Factory Defaults" from the menu. Tap "Erase Everything."


  • check This process will also unregister the Kindle, removing all connections to your account information.

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